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Hannah's Shop

An interactive simulation game for learning
how to reduce shortages and surpluses in a retail store.
Hannah's Shop is only available as a Java-based Windows and Mac OSX desktop app. To download the App, please visit this site on your desktop device.

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The trial version allows you to compare the results from using Min-Max and EOQ inventory management rules in a perfect world environment (no variation in demand or supply).
In the full version, users can compare the results of not only Min-Max and EOQ in real world scenarios (variation in both demand and supply) but also see how much better the results is when using Theory of Constraint's Dynamic Buffer Management rules.

Hannah's Shop

Is an interactive simulation that helps you answer and explain two simple questions within inventory management:
  • Why do traditional inventory management rules (like Min-Max and Reorder Point/Economic Order Quantity) result in avoidable shortages and surpluses at distributors and retailers?
  • Can the demand-driven replenishment rules of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) significantly outperform the traditional rules and achieve higher availability with less inventory ... and if so, by how much?

Virtual Exploration

Hannah's Shop guides you through a typical learning journey in a virtual environment. Users can select products and policies, test hypothesis and compare results.

3D Animation

Our simulator has a rich user interface with simple plots, key performance indicators and even 3D animation to help users visualize the impact of their decisions.

Detailed Explanations

Incorporated into Hannah's Shop are detailed explanations of why traditional rules (like Min-Max and ROP/EOQ) result in avoidable shortages and surpluses at distributors and retailers.
Watch the
Watch Dr. Alan Barnard, Dr. Benjamin Schumann and the Goldratt Research Labs Team present the features and key learnings from Hannah’s Shop.

It is a fun and interactive session filled with new insights on the type of strategic and tactical questions business simulation games like Hannah's shop can help you and your management team answer for your business.
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