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Hannah's Shop

An interactive Simulation Game for learning how to reduce shortages and surpluses in a supply chain

Welcome to Hannah's Shop Supply Chain Challenge

Hannah's Shop is the central location of the best-selling book, "Isn't it Obvious?" by Dr. Eli Goldratt. 

With this business simulation, you can become either the Store or Distribution Center Manager for Hannah's Shop and experience the challenges faced by Store and DC managers on a daily basis.

In the game you have the opportunity to experiment and test what rules to use to achieve the best operational and financial performance.

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Hannah's Shop

Is an interactive simulation game that helps you answer and explain two simple questions within inventory management:

  • Why do traditional inventory management rules result in avoidable shortages and surpluses ?
  • ​Can demand-driven inventory management rules significantly outperform the traditional rules ... and if so, by how much?

Virtual Exploration

Hannah's Shop guides you through a typical learning journey in a virtual environment. Users can select products and inventory management rules, test hypothesis and compare results.

3D Animation

Our simulator has been designed with an “App-like” user interface that's really easy to use with beautiful graphs and detailed views of all the key operational and financial performance indicators you might be interested in. It even has 3D animation to help users visualize and analyze the impact of their decisions.

Detailed Explanations

Incorporated into Hannah's Shop are detailed explanations of HOW both the traditional and demand driven inventory management rules actually work and WHY demand driven can reduce avoidable shortages and surpluses at both distribution centers and retailer stores.

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